Baltimore's opportunity crisis is slowing growth and development

Lack of in-demand job skills and limited opportunity access are making it hard for many young Baltimoreans to launch viable careers. System failures like leaky education pipelines and difficulties in the job matching process are further contributing to our local opportunity crisis.

The outcome is tons of missed connections between opportunity seekers and hiring organizations, resulting in higher numbers of disconnected youth and diminished career prospects for Millennials and Gen Z. But how does all this impact the bigger picture in Baltimore (and beyond)?

The long-term effects can be measured in lost productivity and tax revenues which limit growth and development in every sector. In combination, these trends have placed a drag on the economy and frustrated efforts for sustainable growth and development.

Our City's resurgence depends on addressing the opportunity crisis, in addition to income disparities between younger and older generations. In response, LegUp is working to increase connectivity between area talent seekers and diverse Millennial and Gen Z talent.

By increasing opportunity access for young people and driving more diverse talent to area hiring organizations at scale, we're upping overall productivity and paving the way for more sustainable growth in Baltimore for us all.



Tackling System Failures

LegUp is working to address systems issues contributing to our country's opportunity crisis, starting with young and emerging professionals in Baltimore. For us, that means providing Millennials and Gen Z with tools to think more strategically about career development.

Increasing connectivity between area talent seekers and qualified applicants from diverse backgrounds is another critical step. With greater access and connection to opportunities and career development resources, we're helping to ensure young people are ready to take the reins as full stakeholders in Baltimore's resurgence.


Increase Career Traction
Helping young people achieve career success through access to sustainable living-wage opportunities

Ease Career Transitions
Empowering opportunity seekers to navigate today's evolving career jungle gym and ease career transitions

Accelerate Growth and Development
Making connections between talent seekers and diverse Millennials and Gen Z to accelerate growth

System Failures

Missed Connections

“We have enough programs...The real problem is we don’t have enough of a pipeline of people that we’re making aware of what’s out there and we don’t have [providers they're] connecting to when they come out so they can have a job.”

 MD Governor’s Workforce Development Board

Leaky Pipelines

"I feel like high school just spit me out. I knew I had a good head on my shoulders and what I might want to do but had no idea what was even available to me, or where to start looking. All of this information about jobs, different programs, and services scattered all over the web. I had no clue how to sort through it all."

BCPS high school graduate

Mission Impossible

"As an employer, I know that Millennials and the generation coming after them will make up the majority of our workforce in coming years. But appealing to this new generation can be intimidating, especially if you don't know how to translate your company's mission and message and what you're looking for into what they value."

Local employer

Help us tap the pool of diverse young talent fueling economic resurgence in Baltimore and beyond.