To get a leg up (idiomatic): To gain some advantage; to get a head start.

Welcome! If you're here, it means you're ready for a "leg up." For us, that means connecting to the right educational and professional outlets in real time. With more information available than at any point in history, Millennials are bombarded with conflicting messages, making it increasingly difficult to cut through the “noise” and identify the best opportunities for upward mobility. In particular, minority groups in urban settings have trouble looking for and leveraging opportunities needed to drive educational and professional success.

The plight of large numbers of disconnected youth—defined as young people neither enrolled in school nor engaged through employment—provides an inescapable reminder of this phenomenon. Recent protests in Baltimore and other cities across the nation, underscore an urgent need to generate new avenues for young people who are out of school and/or shut out of the labor market. This confluence of social and economic factors makes LegUp an essential tool.

We aim to boost levels of educational and professional attainment; social and business entrepreneurship; and intra- and inter-generational connectedness and cohesion. We want to help everyday people go from wherever they are in their lives and careers to where they want to go. Essentially, we want to make success-driven motives and upward mobility cool - and attainable. Simply “log on and get a leg up.”