Why STEM Is In

Since 2007, Millennials in particular have struggled to make economic gains. However, young adults who have pursued careers in STEM have tended to outperform their peers in other fields. According to a 2015 report by Young Invincibles, thirteen of the top twenty-five careers for Millennials are STEM occupations, five of which are in healthcare fields.   

Verizon, recently launched the new Innovative Learning initiative, a STEM-education campaign, aimed at steering young people from disadvantaged communities into STEM careers that currently supports programs at 430 schools nationwide. In a recent TV ad for Innovative Learning, Verizon enlists the help of superstars Adriana Lima and Lebron James to remind us that #WeNeedMore scientists, engineers, and healthcare professionals, not more fashion models, basketball players, or Youtube stars.

While it goes without saying that we encourage youth from all backgrounds to pursue their dreams, LegUp also wants students to make informed career decisions. That requires learning about the fastest-growing and top-earning careers and choosing majors and career paths that lead to sustainable futures. We hope Verizon’s efforts, and those of other STEM champions, will lead to more Millennials stepping up to the plate in today’s leading field. Indeed, the superstars of the 21st century will include innovators in science and industry, because getting paid big bucks to dunk a basketball or grace magazine covers is wicked cool(!), but so is planning missions to Mars and potentially curing cancer.