These 5 higher ed programs will help you get the jump on hiring in higher ed

According to the US Department of Education, enrollment in degree-granting programs is projected to increase 14% between 2013 and 2024. That trend, combined with Baby Boomers retiring in record numbers, means the demand for Millennial and Gen Z higher ed professionals stands to increase considerably for at least the next 10 years. Despite concerns among young professionals about the downsides of careers in higher ed - e.g., lower pay and lack of innovation - we are the generation to propel higher ed into the 21st century. So here are 5 higher ed programs to help you get the jump on hiring in higher ed:

  • Switchboard Innovation Fellowship - A mix of virtual training sessions and onsite learning in Portland, the Switchboard Innovation Fellowship is a year-long professional incubator for “ambitious emerging innovators in higher education” who want to take their careers and their campuses to the next level. No minimum experience or role on campus is specified, although most applicants have 5 years of work experience under their belt. Whether you’re faculty, staff, or even an alumni volunteer, if your goal is to make your campus future-ready, this is the opportunity for you!

  • JHU's Online EdD Program - We all know Johns Hopkins University as one of the best known colleges in Maryland and America’s first research university, but did you know JHU know offers one of the country’s best online EdD (Doctor of Education) programs? Both international in scope and innovative in approach, this program welcomes “practitioner-scholars” to choose from specializations in entrepreneurial leadership; mind, brain, and teaching; and urban leadership. We’re not even sure what all that means, but it sounds like heady stuff! What else would you expect from JHU?!

  • Harvard's Career Development Program Portfolio - Have you ever heard the phrase, “You can always tell a Harvard man, but you can’t tell him much”? Well, if you ever aspired to such lofty heights and desire a career in higher education, you’ll be thrilled to know that Harvard offers a menu of career development programs for higher education administrators at different phases in their career and in an array of higher ed settings. So if you’re still dreaming of becoming a “Harvard man”...or woman, this could be your chance to walk those hallowed halls and find your footing as a higher ed professional.

  • Community College Doctoral Leadership Program at Morgan State - If you’re looking for a top-notch degree program in a diverse setting and an expanding higher ed niche area, the Community College Doctoral Leadership Program at Morgan State University could be right for you! When most people think about specializing in higher ed, their minds immediately turn to 4-year institutions, but community colleges are hotbeds of growth and innovation right now! Maryland is the most recent in a slew of states to make community college free. In addition to the obvious benefits to post-secondary students, we can expect to see record jobs growth in the Maryland community college system, and many across the country!  

  • Higher Ed PhD and MA Programs at UMD - Our list of higher ed career development alternatives would be incomplete without an homage to the higher education PhD and MA programs at UMD, our proud alma mater. Housed within University of Maryland’s School of Education - consistently ranked among the top in the nation by US News and World Report - these programs are for future higher ed faculty, staff, and change agents who aspire to be leaders in practice and policy on campus across the country. When you’re done, you’ll not only have learned to “Fear the Turtle,” you’ll be ready to jump-start your career as a forerunner in higher ed.

Check out these programs in higher ed and you'll get a head start on the hiring boom at degree-granting institutions.

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