Hop in the express lane to a living-wage career

Adulting is harder than ever. Between rent, student loans, increased costs of living, many of us barely make enough to scrape by each month. You want to start living your best professional life, but just aren't sure where to begin.

Most opportunity seekers report feeling overwhelmed by the number of options and high stress associated with job searching.  Even if that perfect opportunity were out there, how would you ever find it with information scattered all over the web? We know this struggle firsthand, as well as how difficult it can be to align passion with career direction.

Opportunity seekers often miss out on life-changing opportunities to advance their careers and increase their income because of lack of access. Aren't you ready to hop in the express lane to a living-wage career?

That means connecting with the right resources and matching with viable opportunities in real time. That's what LegUp can do for you!

What Would Make Job Search Easier

Credit: hired (2016)

Credit: hired (2016)

Live your best professional life through great-fit opportunities and game-changing connections


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Let Us Help You Get a Leg Up

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Increase Your Social Capital
Build your network by connecting to gamechangers, collaborators, and mentors in your backyard

The Match Game
Search and explore local and national opportunities that fit your outlook and can lead to living-wage careers

The Library is Open
Read up on Millennials and Gen Z career and workforce trends in Baltimore and the US

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We Got Receipts

Impossible takes a week

"Awesome experience and even better staff. Really helped with putting things together so I could reach a goal that I thought was almost impossible."

— Maia Maclin '18, Morgan State University PhD candidate and LegUp user

That part!

"LegUp helped me find that part of my plan that was missing, mainly a way to get a low-cost grad degree. Thanks to them I found a fully-funded master's fellowship that gave me lifetime access to a national network of leading public service and nonprofit professionals."

— Alexandra McFadden, 2016 National Urban Fellows alumna and LegUp user