Step into the future of opportunity marketing

If your company is like most we talk to, then you're probably encountering various challenges to marketing opportunities and openings to the deepening pool of diverse young talent.

That's why LegUp's audacious goal is to turn the tide in the opportunity market by addressing pain points for both ambitious young professionals and hiring organizations like yours!

Most organizations seeking young talent waste tens of thousands in marketing dollars on low-impact strategies like web ads and listings on job sites. The problem is that the language they're using and places they're posting are dated.

LegUp is changing that by innovating the way talent seekers - from local governments to Fortune 500 companies - market their opportunities and openings to Millennial and Gen Z candidates. Become the next business to step into the future of opportunity marketing with our help!


Areas of expertise

Content Marketing
Helping you reach top Millennial and Gen Z talent through targeted online and social media content

Future-Readiness Consulting
Providing technical assistance and support for career and professional development projects for "yo pros"

The LegUp App
Increasing connectivity between employers and providers and diverse Millennial and Gen Z talent

Attracting diverse Millennial and Gen Z talent is key to growth and sustainability


Opportunity Marketing Challenges

Millennials 101

Millennials can be difficult to engage in today's crowded opportunity market, but doing so is essential! By the year 2025, Millennials (1981 and 1996) will make up more than 75% of the US workforce by 2025? If you're not already targeting them for their in-demand skills and "purpose over paycheck" mentality, you're organization is giving up the edge on sustainability and forwarding-thinking.

Gen Z Rises

The oldest members of Gen Z (1995-2010) are just now settling into the workforce or transitioning from college to career or grad school. They're even more tech-savvy than Millennials and have distinct values. Missing the mark on opportunity marketing could make your brand seem too "back in the..." for their taste. No worries, though...we got your back!


Back to the Future

Millennials and Gen Z have different ideas and expectations about work, how it fits into their lives, and how they show up in the working world. Ensuring that your organization is marketing your programs and open positions in ways that capture the attention of skilled, diverse, young talent is a best practice in succession planning and future readiness.